NSF Dahlgren, VA - Recreation

    Local NSF Dahlgren, VA Parks

    Alum Spring Park - 30 miles away
    Phone: 5403721086
    408 Canal Street
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401
    Description: Discover this hidden treasure within our city limits! This wooded park is located at the end of Greenbrier Drive extended. It is equipped with a renovated picnic shelter, picnic tables, restrooms, grills, play equipment, walking paths, and a fitness trail.
    Dixon Park - 30 miles away
    Phone: 5403721086
    1300 Dixon Street
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401

    The City's newest outdoor facility is 46 acres and features athletic fields, outdoor swimming pool, playground equipment, 1.5 miles of trails, restrooms, and nature preserve areas. Future expansion plans include a new Community Center. The Jogging/ Walking Trail is a paved pathway that begins at the kiosk, and is marked to help you track your distance.

    Hurkamp Park - 30 miles away
    Phone: 5403721086
    500 William St.
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401
    Description: A historic downtown park with a fountain, brick sidewalks and benches. Local farmers sell produce on Saturdays and some weekday mornings. The park is located at William and Prince Edward Streets.
    Memorial Recreation Park - 30 miles away
    Phone: 5403721086
    Kenmore Ave. and Mary Ball St.
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401
    Description: Memorial Recreation Park (also known as Kenmore) is located on the corner of Kenmore Ave. and Mary Ball St. The park is equipped with 2 unlighted tennis courts and 6 tennis courts that are lighted from dusk - 10 pm throughout the year, as well as a tennis practice wall, basketball court, youth soccer field, children
    Snowden Park - 30 miles away
    Phone: 5403721086
    Fall Hill Avenue
    Fredericksburg, VA 22401
    Description: Located on Fall Hill Avenue, this park has playground equipment and basketball courts. The playground structure is designed for 5 - 12 yr. olds. and includes an independent swing set and a small slike for the little tykes. The court is a two bank basketball court. Plus, there is plenty of open space for other outdoor activities. The park has ample amount of trash receptacles for personal trash.

    Local NSF Dahlgren, VA Campgrounds

    Belle Isle - 62 miles away
    Phone: 804-462-5030
    1632 Belle Isle Rd.
    Lancaster, VA 22503
    RVs Allowed? Yes
    Description: Located in the rural Northern Neck of Virginia, Belle Isle is the first state park to be purchased with funds from the $95 million 1992 Parks and Recreational Facilities Bond Referendum. The 733-acre site is a window to the beautiful lower Rappahannock River in Lancaster County. Waterfront in the area has been developed extensively by private landowners with little public recreational access. This fact made the lower Rappahannock a priority for purchasing land for a new state park. The park has seven miles of frontage on the north shore of the Rappahannock, and it borders Deep and Mulberry creeks. It features diverse tidal and nontidal wetlands, lowland marshes, tidal coves and upland forests.
    Lake Anna State Park - 60 miles away
    Phone: 5408545503
    6800 Lawyers Road
    Spotsylvania, VA 22551
    RVs Allowed? Yes
    Description: The land in Lake Anna State Park used to be known as "Gold Hill" and contained the Goodwin Gold Mine. Gold was first discovered in 1829 with mining reaching its peak in the 1880s. In 1971 Lake Anna was created to serve as a water coolant for Dominion Power's nuclear plant. In 1972 work began on the acquisition and development of a water-oriented state park. Lake Anna State Park opened in 1983.
    Leesylvania State Park - 60 miles away
    Phone: 7037308205
    2001 Daniel K Ludwig Drive
    Woodbridge, VA 22191
    Description: Leesylvania opened in 1992. In 1978, noted philanthropist Daniel Ludwig donated the land to the state for a park. A national historical society, the Society of Lees of Virginia, was instrumental in securing the donation. Locally the area is known as Freestone Point, referring to the sandstone early settlers took from the property for building. Henry Lee III (Light Horse Harry) was born here at what was then Leesylvania Plantation in Colonial America. This Revolutionary War hero would later father the Confederate General Robert E. Lee of Civil War fame.
    Shenandoah National Park - 150 miles away
    Phone: 5409993500
    US Hwy 211 East
    Luray, VA 22835
    RVs Allowed? Yes
    Description: Gazing across the horizon from the peaks of Shenandoah National Park it's hard to believe you are just 75 miles from the bustle of our nation's capital. Take Skyline Drive along the crest of the mountains through the woods and past spectacular vistas. Hike in the shade of oak trees along the Appalachian Trail, discover the stories from Shenandoah's past, or just relax in the wonder of wilderness.
    Westmoreland State Park - 16 miles away
    Phone: 8044938821
    1650 State Park Road
    Montross, VA 22520
    RVs Allowed? Yes
    Description: Westmoreland State Park lies within Westmoreland County, from which it takes its name. The park extends about one and a half miles along the Potomac River, and its 1,311 acres neighbor the former homes of both George Washington and Robert E. Lee. The park's Horsehead Cliffs provide visitors with a spectacular view of the Potomac River. In addition to the scenic beauty at Westmoreland, the park offers hiking, camping, cabins, fishing, boating and swimming. Visitors can enjoy the park's vacation cabins as well. The visitor center, open during summer, gives an informative historical and ecological perspective to an important natural area on the coastal plain. Westmoreland also offers the Murphy Hall Conference Center and the Potomac River Retreat, which is an upscale overnight accommodation.